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John Samuel  Gardiner

John Samuel Gardiner

Male 1911 - 1987  (75 years)


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John Samuel Gardiner tracks down Bernice Cecilia

Mirror (Perth WA 1921-1956) Saturday 29 March 1947 - Page 12
When a gardener finds an unwelcome bird encroaching on his home lot and pirating the most treasured thing therein, he is likely to feel extremely un friendly towards the feathered one. And that's just how John Samuel Gardiner felt about the Partridge who poached oa his domestic domain.

Gardiner didn't need a trap to catch the bird who was causing all the strife. Partridge just took what he wanted back to his nest, and used only the flimsiest camouflage to con ceal her. When. John barged in one night with sleuth Colin Lennox on hie heels, David Partridge and Mrs. Bernice Cecilia Gardiner took things very calmly. They even admitted that they'd been posing as 'Mr. and Mrs.' for some time. Started Going Out It was the end or the trail for John, who married Bernice in 1933. Until 1936, he told Mr. Justice Wolff, they were quite happy, but in that year he had to work back . a lot. Several nights he came home late to find the children alone. His objections were brushed aside. From then on life was no garden of Eden, and in April 1939 they separated under a deed. In 1940 he enlisted, was discharged soon after his return from the Middle East in 1942. No Denials In January 1946 Gardiner went with Colin Lennox to a house in Wellington-fit. An inquiry for 'Mrs. Partridge' was answered by the' appearance of Bernice's head through a window. Inside they found Part ridge in bed with only his pants on. They didn't deny a thing. Next step was to lawyer Bill Elihick, who look Gardiner before Mr. Justice Wolff. Judge saw no reason why he shouldn't grant the petition, gave John his decree on the grounds of Bernice's infidelity. Partridge has the bill coming up.

Owner/SourceTrove - Perth Mirrror - Saturday 29 March 1947
Date29 Apr 2012
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